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New York Commercial Real Estate

Prime Manhattan Realty is your resource for Manhattan commercial real estate. An office space is a home for your organization, and we treat every client’s needs as if they were our own. Our brokers work constantly to ensure that your company finds the ideal commercial property. We do it on time, within budget and we do not rest until you are 100% satisfied and confident that your new space is the best one available.

Our brokers are office rental experts who offer unparalleled knowledge and experience in the Manhattan real estate market. We offer a sophisticated understanding of all processes involved in finding and securing an office space in New York, including:

  • Knowledge and access to Every Building and Every Space in New York City.
  • Up-to-the-minute knowledge of subleases and other below market real estate opportunities.
  • Exceptional negotiating power with agents / owners of buildings, based upon:
    • Volume of Represented Tenants
    • Successful Working Relationships with Building Owners

New York commercial real estate Brokers - Commercial Real Estate New York City

As a full service commercial broker, we will guide you through the complete process, serving as your partner and advisor as you secure the ideal office space. We begin by discussing location and size requirements and conducting the initial search, and our work is not done until every detail of your relocation is secure. This includes all contractual negotiations, architectural planning and the final signing of the lease.

The Long Term Relationship

Prime Manhattan Realty is always available as your in-house real estate consultant here to advise your firm on all of its commercial real estate needs, including:

  • Finding you new commercial space for your company office
  • Negotiating contract or rent lease renewals
  • Expansion of commercial space in your current building
  • Finding warehouse offices or back New York office space
  • Reviewing current lease terms and answering any of your commercial real estate questions

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