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About the Financial District NYC

The Financial District, also known as Wall Street, is the southernmost neighborhood in Manhattan. With a daytime population of 300,000 people, the Financial District is easily one of the most heavily trafficed neighborhoods in New York City. Endless modern skyscrapers are characteristic of this neighborhood. Home to the city’s major financial institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange, the Financial District is the center of the commercial world. Although this neighborhood is mainly commercial, the residential population has been growing, and is currently at approximately 30,000 full time residents. This neighborhood is host to the new Sports Museum of America.

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New York Financial District Real Estate Guide

Locale Subway:
Subways - 1, 2, 9, 4, 5, A, C, E, J, M, N, R
Bus - M6, M9, M10,M 15, M22

24-Hour ATMs:
Amalgamated Bank, 52 Broadway, (212) 894-3000

The Bank of New York, 45 Wall St Apt 506, New York, NY, 10005
Union Bank of California, 40 Wall St Fl 23, New York, NY, 10005
Fleet Securities, 14 WALL ST, New York, NY, 10005
Mellon Financial Corporation, 44 Wall St, New York, NY, 10005
Citibank, 120 Broadway Ste 230, New York, NY, 10271

Post Office:
The Prince Station at 124 Greene Street between Prince and Houston Streets
The Village Station at 201 Varick Street at Houston Street

Police Precinct:
City Marshals, 116 John St. #15, (212) 349-4303
Arcade Village Police Department, 17 Church St., (585) 492-3111

24-Hour Pharmacies:
The Duane Reade at 50 Pine St, New York, NY, 10005
Downtown Pharmacy at 82 Wall St, New York, NY, 10005
Ralph's Discont City at 80 Nassau St, New York, NY, 10038

Jubilee Marketplace, 99 John St., (212) 233-0808
Jamie Food Corp., 75 Maiden Ln., (212) 425-0497
Chiu Kee Ltd., 22 Broadway, (212) 964-6952
Associated Food Store, 77 Fulton St., (212) 227-4109
Riverside Market, 80 Pearl St., (212) 747-9111

Financial District Restaurants:
Fuel, 100 Kenmare St, New York, NY, 10012
Dom's, 181 Grand St., New York, NY, 10012
Dollar Store Inc, 88 Mulberry St, New York, NY, 10013
Chipotle Mexican Grill, 2 Broadway, (212) 344-0941
Ulysses Folk House, 93 Pearl St., (212) 482-0400
Adrianne’s, 54 Stone St., (212) 248-3838
Bayard’s, 1 Hanover Sq. (212) 514-9454
Delmonico’s Restaurant, 56 Beaver St., (212) 509-1144
Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, 25 Broad St., (212) 344-8463
Less Halles, 15 John St., (212) 285-8585

Financial District Nightlife:
Nancy Whiskey Pub, 1 Lispenard St, New York, NY, 10013
Xicala, 151 Elizabeth St, New York, NY, 10012
Fraunces Tavern, 54 Pearl St., (212) 968-1776
Whitehorse Tavern, 25 Bridge St., (212) 668-9046
Remy Lounge, 104 Greenwich St., (212) 267-4646
Moran’s Bar & Grill, 103 Washington St., (212) 732-2020
Trinity Place, 115 Broadway, (212) 964-0939
Pound & Pence Restaurant & Pub, 55 Liberty St., (212) 716-1140
John Street Bar & Grill, 17 John St., (2120 349-4659

Financial District Parks and Recreation:

Battery Park has fine views of Governors Island, Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island and Ellis Island, the famous immigrant gateway to America (1892–1954) for ancestors of one in four present-day Americans. Frequent ferry service to Staten Island, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty departs from South Ferry and Battery Park.

Financial District Landmarks and History:
Financial District is best known for its cast-iron architecture. Cast-iron was a popular building material before the wide use of steel, and to this day, it is the largest surviving cast-iron district in the world. The commercial buildings that line Broome Street and Spring Street feature cast-iron decorations and other cast-iron architectural elements. The Haughwout Building at 488 Broadway and the Gunther Building at 469 Broome Street portray classic examples of cast-iron façades bolted to a brick base.

Financial District Area Scene:
Cermamic Studio, 74 Varick St, New York, NY, 10013
Fulton Street Art Gallery Inc, 116 John St, New York, NY, 10038

Financial District Statistics:
Population: 30,000
Average Age: 39
Median Income: $87,385