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Browse here and search for office space, whether you are looking to lease or purchase property. Below you will find thousands of square feet available in Manhattan. Simply choose a neighborhood and gain access to our expansive list of properties currently available on the market.

Why choose a New York office?

New York office space is some of the country's most in-demand commercial real estate. Because offices are so sought after, they don't come cheap and securing them is a major process. So why bother with an NYC office? There are countless reasons. New York is the world's city, a buzzing economic and cultural center unlike any other. An office in Manhattan puts gives your organization instant access to all New York has to offer: an overachieving workforce, a powerful commercial culture, lightning-fast exchange of ideas, proximity to major financial markets and more.

Your NYC office will inspire your employees and investors, generating excitement about your organization. In today's world you can do business anywhere, but there is no substitute for a office.

New York City boosts some of the world's most recognizable and celebrated office buildings, in recent times there has been an increased rate of upgrading commercial buildings in order to meet the needs of the new century. These enhancements and upgrades provide first-rate infrastructure for office tenants, large and small, in a premier business environment such as Manhattan.

There are a variety of smaller pre-built offices and build-to-suit full floor opportunities within the city, making New York the choice location for any business, large or small.