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Chelsea Offices

PMR is the leading commercial real estate firm specializing in saving you time and money in your Chelsea Office search. Our brokers will assist you from start to finish - from opening a new Chelsea office to relocating an existing office in Chelsea, we can help renegotiate the most favorable below market terms for you at no cost. Our expert support is provided to you at no cost! An office in Chelsea NYC puts you near it all, art, food, and entertainment are mere steps away, not to mention all local transportation available throughout. With the abundance of old artist and industrial spaces being converted to buisness use, there exists a sizeable inventory of multi-office space in Chelsea. As Manhattan thrives and expands into luxury residential communty, Chelsea offices become all the more scarce, especially those which offer whole floors or multi level situations. The Chelsea neighborhood is world recognized for it's proximity to the heart midtown Manhattan, and it's exuberant culture to be found in its eateries and galleries.

We at PMR can provide you with a complete listing of all the available Chelsea offices, including office shares and multi-office build outs. The search for Chelsea offices can be complex, fraught with difficulty, in that space is limited and the landlord's know it. A PMR Chelsea broker can help you in finding and negoiating the best possible terms for your company. Our focus at PMR focuses in on commercial property leasing and sales in Manhattan New York, including: Prime Chelsea commercial space, Chelsea office space, Chelsea commercial lofts, Chelsea showroom space, and of course Chelsea art gallery space.

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