Type of Spaces

Types of Commercial Space

• Traditional Lease

Lease directly from landlord. Tenant has responsibility and control over the entire leased commercial space.

Generally for space requirements of:

- 1,000 to 100,000 square feet or greater
- Lease term of 3 years or greater
- Offices of greater than 4 people

Prime Manhattan Realty will analyze your size, image and location requirements and suggest the ideal office space.

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Tenant assumes responsibility of the direct lease from current tenant.
Prime Manhattan Realty has access to all available sublets.

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Shared Space

- Rent unused space from a tenant who has a direct lease.
- Rent a single desk, office or group of offices.
- Often you share reception, conference rooms, copy, fax and pantry.
- It is common for attorneys, accountants and other professionals to offer shared spaces.
- Prime Manhattan Realty provides a matching service to introduce tenants with available space to those tenants wanting to rent space.

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Executive Suites

Professionally managed office centers, generally located in an upscale building providing a professional business environment.

Executive Suites usually charge a premium rent for services offered.

Rent a single office or several offices.

Executive Suites generally provides shared reception and conference area, administrative services such as word processing, copy and mail center.

Ideal for:

- New small businesses
- Offices for 1-20 people
- Space requirements of less than 1000 - 1500 ft.
- Tenants who requires lease terms of 3 months to 18 months.
- Prime Manhattan Realty provides a complete database on Executive Suites including prices and services offered. We will facilitate identifying the ideal location for an effortless move.

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Class A Office Space

Class A office spaces represent the most prestigious and exclusive commercial property available, the standard against which all other commercial real estate is judged. Located in architecturally significant buildings in vital parts of Manhattan, these offices are the most beautiful and spacious, with state-of-the-art amenities. There is no better way to improve your company’s image and stature than by choosing a world-class office space.

Prime Manhattan Realty has a long track record of helping companies relocate to New York City’s premier Class A office spaces. We are proven experts with years of experience, thousands of successful lease transactions and thorough knowledge of the best buildings in Manhattan. When your business is ready for a world class office space we are the best real estate firm to serve you.

Class B Office Space

Class B Buildings in New York City are generally newly renovated pre-war buildings. They can be traditional office buildings or upscale high-tech lofts. The level of service in a class B building is lower than a Class A building, but is adequate for many companies.

Class C Office Space

Class C office spaces represent the lower end of the office space market. These tend to be older loft buildings with side street addresses that offer few amenities and an emphasis on functionality over location and aesthetics. Most Class C office spaces are open loft areas with wood floors and high open ceilings. Many high tech, advertising and other businesses seek out and enjoy loft space in New York City’s Class C buildings.

Medical Office Space

A Medical office space is designated as any facility used to provide diagnosis and treatment for medical, dental or psychiatric outpatient care. Medical office space should include areas allotted for all necessary functions of the medical practice, with adequate square footage. Laboratories, waiting rooms, atria, conference rooms, auditoria, staff kitchens and storage areas are all common features. Prime Manhattan Realty understands that the ideal medical office space combines functionality with location and affordability. We know how to navigate the difficulties medical practices face when searching for commercial space –disagreements with landlords over liability issues, challenges locating ground floor space and costly construction.

Medical office space New York is available throughout Manhattan, but there are zoning requirements limiting it to certain buildings and areas. Your Prime Manhattan Realty tenant broker is an expert on zoning laws and medical office business needs and will not rest until your every concern is addressed and you have secured the ideal professional space.


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Law Office Space

In the legal profession, your office often makes a lasting first impression on prospective clients. Choose it wisely. Changing times and trends have reshaped the New York City commercial real estate market, and successful law firms use that change to their advantage. An ideal law office space enhances a firm’s image and prestige while taking care of the bottom line. Striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics is important, as a law office space serves for both client meetings and all other day-to-day activities.

Law office space in New York can be leased in any number of neighborhoods in Manhattan, from Battery Park to 60th Street. Generally speaking, most firms find that after the cost of salaries, office space is the largest expense. With law office space at a premium, it’s important that space is fully utilized. Our objective is to assist law firms in the implementation and procurement of commercial space that will allow them to operate more effectively and successfully in the short and long term.

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Showroom Space

Manhattan’s showrooms represent a significant portion of both the local and global economy for wholesale industries including apparel, furniture, accessories, jewelry and more. Traditionally large upper floor wholesale spaces in buildings in Midtown Manhattan’s Garment Center (from 38th Street to 41st Street, 5th Avenue to 7th Avenue), showrooms now include both retail and wholesale spaces on upper floors and ground floors in various locations throughout Manhattan. Today, you’ll find showrooms in SoHo, Chelsea and the upscale area around 57th St. and 5th Ave. as well as the Garment Center.

Whatever industry you represent, Prime Manhattan Realty’s tenant brokers are your experts in leasing or purchasing the best possible showroom for your company. We have comprehensive knowledge of the showroom market and have successfully placed hundreds of clients in the best facilities for their business needs.

We have conducted successful showroom lease transactions in all the major industry centers in Manhattan, including the Decoration and Design Building at 222 E. 59th St., the Architects and Designers Building at 150 E 58th St., the Home and Furnishing Market in the 26th St. and 5th Ave. area, SoHo and the Garment Center.

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