Identifying your perfect space


Step 1 Preliminary Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive interview, preferably in your office, to determine your exact requirements. Our tenant relationship is always confidential. Knowledge of your current lease terms, internal business situations, financial conditions, actual time table, and budgeting requirements will help us optimize your search and the negotiation of your lease.

Prime Manhattan Realty will work with you to prioritize your requirements while identifying and negotiating the perfect office space for your company.

We cover EVERY BUILDING, EVERY SPACE and then select only those commercial spaces that meet your specifications are considered.

Priority details to communicate to your broker:

  • Personal Taste
  • Location
  • Image
  • Budget
  • Number of Offices
  • Timetable

Points to consider:

  • Years In Business
  • Flexibility of Layout
  • Growth Requirements
  • Special Services
  • Investment Money required for the move

Step 2 Planning Stage

We calculate the true usable square footage required together with any anticipated needed expansion space. Our architects are available to provide sample floor plans and space usage analysis.

Step 3 Space Survey

Your Prime Manhattan Realty Broker personally supervises and prepares a comprehensive and current real estate survey, covering all appropriate commercial space. Our space research is reliable, professional and detailed. Every appropriate building and space is submitted to you with all the facts, photographs, floor plans, building locations and features.

Step 4 Space Inspections

We will preview office spaces and arrange inspections for you at your convenience.

Step 5 Financial Analysis

Cost projections are produced for each of the buildings that you select from space inspections. Analysis includes base rent per foot, loss factor, electrical costs, tax and operating escalations, free rent/construction time, construction costs, cleaning expenses (if any), overtime service cost, net present value calculations.

Step 6 - Offers are Submitted

Offers are submitted and proposals are obtained from each building. Responses are analyzed and negotiated in accordance with your needs, until the ideal business terms are agreed to.

Step 7 Preparation of Lease Document

The lease document is prepared. We consult with legal counsel to protect your company’s interests throughout the lease review process. A final execution lease copy is prepared for signature.

Step 8 Additional Space Surveys

Prime Manhattan Realty will continue to update you on new New York commercial space that become available on a daily basis.

Step 9 Preparation of Lease Document

Prime Manhattan Realty will be available every step of the process, thru moving into your new space and into the future.