Time table for commercial space search

Real Estate Schedule

This table suggests the ideal time frame for identifying space and finalizing a lease. No matter what your time frame, Prime Manhattan Realty will work diligently to meet all of your business requirements. A short explanation of each step on the real estate timetable is listed below.

Initial Planning
Before searching for New York office space, begin with a detailed assessment of your needs. Consider location, architectural and design needs, amenity and service requirements, short and long term square footage needs and an acceptable price range.

Space Search
Your Prime Manhattan Tenant Broker will serve as your partner and guide as you begin your Manhattan commercial space search, viewing listings and touring the best-seeming commercial properties with you. We have access to every property and every office space in New York and will narrow the property search down based on your exact requirements. Depending on the state of the commercial realty market, this may be the longest step of the process.

Lease Negotiation
Once you and have settled on a prospective office space, the lease negotiation process begins. Your Tenant Broker is an expert at communicating your needs and requirements to the landlord and will work tirelessly to secure the best terms for you.

Construction Time
Another important, potentially time-consuming step on the real estate time table, you should be sure to allow adequate time to construct your new office space according to your needs. Prime Manhattan Realty is happy to offer architectural consultancy, or you may work with an architect of your choosing.

Total Time
Given the particularities of different situations, you may breeze through the real estate timetable in a few short weeks, or it may take as much as a year. Regardless, your Prime Manhattan Tenant Broker is your resource for all your New York commercial realty questions and concerns, and will provide indispensable help as you navigate the process.