Presenting Your Company to the Landlord

Company Research & Review

You’ve waded your way through the listings, investigated prospective properties and found the perfect new home for your business. Now comes the first critical step of the process: making the case for your company to the commercial landlord.

The negotiation process can be tricky, but rest easy. Your Prime Manhattan Realty broker is an expert at communicating with New York City landlords. Our experience and long-standing relationships with many commercial landlords gives you the advantage. We know what each is important to each individual landlord and how to present your company in the best possible light.

The bottom line is this: whichever prospective tenant proves the landlord with the most complete and impressive financial review in the shortest time period has the best chances of securing the property. Your Prime Manhattan broker will work directly with you to make the best first impression possible in a minimum of time.

Your submitted tenant review should include the following.

• A company brochure:

A well-written, aesthetically designed company brochure demonstrates your company’s standing within its field while providing an overview of the functions it performs. New York landlords can be hard to impress, so make sure you include the most up-to-date materials in your tenant review.

• A summary and history of your company:

A concise, well-written article on your business will provide basic, relevant information. Make sure to proofread!

• Information on your company’s principals:
New York landlords are not just interested in what your company does. They want to know who is running it and what the principals’ backgrounds are.

• Bank information form (see attached)

• Income statement and balance sheet (prior 2 years) or income tax statement.

A through financial review is integral to your presentation. Make sure all the information you provide is well-organized and demonstrates financial solvency. Above all, New York City landlords want to know you can pay the rent.