Architectural Design Services

Architectural Design

Our Architectural Services make the most of your new space, free of charge.

Prime Manhattan Realty understands that choosing the best office space is only part of the equation. We want to see your business thrive in its new home, with an office floor plan that maximizes the potential of your new commercial property. For no fee, our architectural consultants will work with you to define and plan your Manhattan commercial space according to your company’s business needs, image and projected growth.

Prior to viewing your new office space, or upon your initial space selection, the architect will lay out an office floor plan for your review. As the floor plan takes shape, the architectural consultant will consider both the practical and aesthetic aspects of your business needs. Our goal is to plan an office space that balances functionality and character to make a defined, cohesive whole.

Or design your New York commercial space with the architect of your choice.

Prime Manhattan Realty welcomes you to choose an outside architect to design your commercial space. Your architect can engineer the entire office floor plan or provide any of the following services.

  • Initial floor layouts
  • Furniture design and purchasing
  • Construction Supervision
  • Wiring for communication and electrical needs
  • Final construction plans
  • Architectural design
  • Move coordination

*All fees are negotiated directly with you architect*