Done Deals - Jonathan Anapol
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Bohn Architecture and Design, PC
33 West 17th Street, 10th Floor
RPM Productions
130 West 57th Street 9D
Ira Pittelman Productions
254 West 54th Street 15th Floor
Diamond District
1674 Broadway
Ted Baker
231 West 39th Street 8th Floor
Calvin Clothing Company
63 West 38th Street 10th Floor
Galt Industries
655 Madison Avenue, 24th Floor
Trish McEvoy
5 East 57th Street 5th Floor
Lydell Jewelry/Hullin Metz & Co.
3 West 35th Street 10th Floor
Sam & Lori
589 Eighth Avenue 18th Floor
Skip Hop, Inc.
50 West 23rd Street 10th Floor ( rear elevator)
Everlast Worldwide
42 West 39th Street 3rd Floor
AP International Finance Corporation
45 Rockefeller Plaza Suite 3152
Columbus Holdings / Notz, Stucki & Co.
399 Park Avenue
John Zampino PC
405 Lexington 50th Floor Suite #5002
130 West 57th Street 2nd Floor
Plus Funds
1500 Broadway 11th Floor
489 Fifth Avenue 26th Floor
787 Capital LLC
400 Park Avenue Floor
Algo Enineering
7 World Trade Center
Daewoo Securities ( America ) Inc.
101 East 52nd Street 600 Lexington Avenue - Ste #301
Kaplan , Gottbetter & Levenson, LLP.
630 Third Avenue 5th Floor
Kaiser, Saurborn & Mair
115 Broadway Suite 1805
Ehrenreich ,Krause, Eilenberg & Zivian
11 East 44th Street 17th Floor
Michael D. Brockman Co.
505 Park Avenue 17th FLoor
Great - West Life & Annuity Insurance Company
475 Park Avenue South 23rd Floor
Chan & Chen, LLC
225 Broadway 23rd Floor
Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP
110 East 42nd Street
Lichter, Gliedman & Offenkrantz PC
551 Fifth Avenue 24th Floor
Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP
370 Lexington Avenue
Ward & Olivo
380 Madison Avenue 20th Floor
Shupack & Hardy
450 Seventh Avenue 13th Floor
Park & Jensen LLP
630 Third Avenue 7th Floor
Moses & Ziegelman LLP
350 Fifth Avenue Suite 3130
Stockschlaeder, McDonald & Sules
161 William Street 19th Floor
Atlas Media Corp.
242 West 36th Street 11th Floor
Open Road Media
180 Varick Street 8th Floor
630 Fifth Avenue Suite 659
Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.
1270 Sixth Avenue 23rd Floor
Chinagraph, Inc.
119 Fifth Avenue 6th Floor
Miavita, Inc.
444 Madison Avenue 8th Floor
Pilat Media Global
135 East 57th Street 12th Floor
Fine Light, Inc.
601 West 26th Street
Russian Trade Mission
353 Lexington Avenue
Surgery 4 the Poor
420 Fifth Avenue 27th Floor
Major, Lindsey & Africa
551 Fifth Avenue 22nd Floor
Connex International
55 Broad Street 3rd Floor
The Transportation Group ( Capital) Limited
261 Madison Avenue 15th Floor
Weinman Schnee Morais Inc.
250 West 57th Street Suite 2217
Pure Barre
1841 Broadway
Consulate of Guyana
307 West 38th Street
Building Design
225 Broadway 44th Floor
Bard, Rao & Athanas
8 West 40th Street 15th Floor
Pagnamenta Torriani Architects Planners
350 Seventh Avenue Suite 1702
Blasland, Bouck & Lee Inc.
6723 Towpath Road P.O. Box 66
Ward & Olivo
380 Madison Avenue 20th Floor
Suburban Builders - E MM - Design
60 East 42nd Street
350 Fifth Avenue 1804A
Epic Theatre Center
630 Ninth Avenue Suite #214
MBC Broadcasting
114 East 32nd Street 3rd Floor
FilmDistrict / GK Films
230 Park Avenue Suite 964
Jack Menz
320 Fifth Avenue
Ikon Clothing Co. / N.U.I.D. Clothing
1407 Broadway Suite 1708
#1 Textiles, Ltd.
1412 Broadway
Warren Stone - Marina Belyayeva
1411 Broadway
JPV Design Group
350 Fifth Avenue Suite #7301
Second Generation Garment Mfg, Inc.
1407 Broadway Suite #1618
Natasha International
226 West 37th Street 5th Floor
Prairie NY
39 West 38th Street 9th Floor
BanxQuote Inc.
60 East 42nd Street
Unique Sourcing International Ltd.
1359 Broadway Suite #1506
152 Mercer Street
Caroline Amado
15 West 37th Street
Ramee Boutique
277 Broadway On Chambers
Juven's Inc.
1400 Broadway Suite 800
Hend Fashion Corp.
277 Broadway Ground Floor
Berger & Stevens Associates, Inc.
530 Seventh Avenue 5th Floor - Suite #507
Berkley Shirt Company
350 Fifth Avenue Suite 2512
Block Sportswear Inc.
333 S. Grand Avenue Suite #2020
Top Choice
240 West 35th Street
Rags To Ritches
570 Seventh Avenue Suite #1900
Gabriel Manufacturing
1359 Broadway Suite 1500
Summit Knitting
875 Sixth Avenue Suite 1001
Hartz & Co
250 West 57th Street Suite 1720
7 West Accessories, Inc.
389 Fifth Avenue 5th Floor
Garneau Inc.
525 Seventh Avenue 7th Floor
39 West 37th Street 2nd Floor
Glazer Imports
8 East 12th Street Apt. #10
Corinne McCormack
7 West 36th Street 9th Floor
Textile Imports
1410 Broadway 22nd Floor
7 West 36th Street 7th Floor
260 West 39th Street Part 15th Floor
250 West 39th Street #603
AKA Mystique Accessories LLC
389 Fifth Avenue 4th Floor
141 West 36th Street 4th Floor
225 West 39th Street 12th Floor
Tractor International Inc.
250 West 39th Street Suite 603
TMW Textile Corp.
566 Seventh Avenue #803
Jim Helm / JLM Couture
525 Seventh Avenue Suite #1703
Zuma Sportswear Inc.
1411 Broadway Suite #1600A
The American Fabrics Company
450 Seventh Avenue Suite 963
Greenwave - Match
112 West 9th Street Suite 314
Jack George Inc.
320 Fifth Avenue
Accessories That Matter
320 Fifth Avenue Suite 609
392 Fifth Avenue Suite #1107
Barbara Koto Inc.
501 Seventh Avenue Suite 206
New York Stone Trading LLC
15 West 36th Street
Wall Street Network
100 Wall Street 21st Floor
Redwood Securities Group, Inc.
61 Broadway Suite #710
Salomon Grey
225 Broadway
Keith G. Rubenstein
150 East 52nd Street 11th Floor
American-Pacific Futures, Inc.
150 Broadway 707
China Patent
55 Broad Street 15th Floor
The Concorde Group
14 Wall Street 11th Floor
SG Constellation LLC
1221 Sixth Avenue 8th Floor
Hold Brothers On Line Investmennt Services LLC
20 West 55th Street
Olive Base Planning
11 East 44th Street 16th Floor
Nira Inc.
1430 Broadway 6th Floor
1212 Sixth Avenue
Magic Works LLC
350 Fifth Avenue Suite 3322
National Securities
7 Hanover Square 6th Floor
Longview LLC
126 East 56th Street Suite 1510
Equity Now M. L. Moskowitz
1370 Sixth Avenue
AMR Capital Trading Corp.
257 Park Avenue South 5th Floor
Intelligent Edge Advisors
126 East 56th Street Suite 430
Arel Capital
520 Madison Avenue 20th Floor
Robotti & Company
6 East 43rd Street 23rd Floor
Happy Rock Merchant Solutions, LLC
149 West 36th Street 12th Floor
The People's Bank of China
1114 Sixth Avenue 34th Floor
Madison Partners
161 Bowery Street 7th Floor
Peter B. Foster, P.C.
80 Fifth Avenue #1203
Anderson & Rothberg
369 Lexington Avenue 16th Floor
Luboja & Thau
10 East 40th Street 30th Floor
Greenwald & Strongin
60 East 42nd Street 47th Floor
Ochs & Goldberg
60 East 42nd Street Suite 1545
Law Offices of Michael Brownstein
300 Park Avenue 17th Floor
Napoli & Associates, LLP
115 Broadway 12th Floor
Lee & Lee, P.C.
233 Broadway Suite #3114
Walsh & Sheehan/Peterson & Roth
1 Battery Park Plaza 22nd Floor
Braverman and Associates
331 Madison Avenue 3rd Floor
Rosenthal, Judell & Uchima
805 Third Avenue 7th Floor
Todd & Levi, LLP
444 Madison Avenue Suite 1202
Stern & Montana LLP
295 Madison Avenue Suite #1010
Stumpp & Bond, LLP
170 Broadway Suite 608
1 William Street 10th Floor
Law Office of Edward Weissman
805 Third Avenue 7th Floor
Fried & Epstein
1350 Broadway 1400
Handler & Goodman LLP
805 Third Avenue 8th Floor
Claugus & Mitchell
110 Wall Street
Ettinger Law Firm
1 Penn Plaza
Law Offices of Paul H. Appel
40 Exchange Place 8th Floor
M & S Consulting / Law Offices of Moshe Katlowitz
270 Madison Avenue Suite #1203
Mike Shen TC
225 Broadway 25th Floor
Law Office of Stephen Siminou
460 Park Avenue S. Part of 11th Floor
The Delaco Company c/o Curtis, Mallet-Prevost
101 Park Avenue 31st Floor
DeMaggio & DeMaggio P.C.
116 John Street Suite 1407
Law Office of Candace Carpenter
60 Broad Street Suite 3503
Smith & Newman LLP
363 Seventh Avenue
Artists Rights
1430 Broadway 5th Floor
Virtual Reaction LLC
350 Fifth Avenue, SUITE 5710
Law Office of Eleanor Grosz
600 Lexington Avenue 12th loor
Squitieri & Fearon, LLP
37 East 57th Street 12th Floor
Gurskey Law
1350 Broadway
Central Park Physical Therapy
1727 Broadway 2nd Floor
Industrial Medicine Associates
30 Broadway
The Lab NYC
261 - 271 Eleventh Avenue, 8th Floor (South-side Entrance)
Walter Schupfer Company
401 Broadway Suite 1400
261 - 271 Eleventh Avenue
Cyota .Com
8 West 38th Street Suite 1101
237 West 35th Street 1006
Athorn Clark & Partners
38 East 32nd Street 10th Floor
Source Communications
27 West 24th Street Suite 502
401 Broadway Suite 900
Fourth Floor NY LLC
401 Broadway Suite 1401
Open Road Media
180 Varick Street 8th Floor
35 West 36th Street 9th Floor
41 East 11th Street. 11th Floor
The Weldon Group
342 Madison Avenue
Asher & Associates
111 John Street 1200
The Villani Group
777 Third Avenue Suite 18 B
D. S. Simon
229 West 36th Street 9th Floor
475 Park Avenue South
De Caro & Kaplan
20 Vesey Street 2nd Floor
Mary Wertheim
410 East 57th Street 47th Floor
Ronald Roth
233 Broadway Suite 970
Karpel Group Inc.
80 Fifth Avenue Suite #1501
Alger, Andrew & Rolphs
14 East 60th Street #1001
Jimmy Crystal
260 West 35th Street 10th Floor
Metro Group of New York
61 Broadway
Oriental Paradise
525 Seventh Avenue 16th Floor
National Delivery Service
420 Lexington Avenue Store
Jonathan Anapol Creative Executive, Inc.
6 West 18th Street 3rd Floor
Hotovec Pomeranz & Co., Inc.
100 Wall Street Suite 602
Josuha Dratel
14 Wall Street 28th Floor
Purchasing Associates, Inc.
521 Fifth Avenue 39th Floor
Hullin Metz & Co. LLC
444 Madison Avenue 31st Floor
Aegis Search Consultants Inc.
633 Third Avenue 27th Floor
Euphonix, Inc.
22 East 41st Street Entire 3rd Floor
Occupational Assessment Services, Inc.
15 Warren Street Suite #28
Trugman-Nash Inc.
19 West 44th Street Suite #1402
Book Builders Inc.
425 Madison Avenue 19th Floor
Maran Coal Corporation
1350 Broadway 905
NY Womens Agenda
355 Lexington Avenue 17th Floor
Kingland Systems
420 Lexington Avenue Suite 1810
John G. Waite Assciates
64 Fulton Street 402
Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc.
450 Seventh Avenue Suite 3004
All Direct Mail Service
39 West 32nd Street 8th Floor
Continental Shipping Line, Inc.
274 Madison Avenue 14th Floor
Blue Square Merchant
225 Broadway 1905
The Council Of: Accreditation
120 Wall Street 11th Floor
The Gaeta Company
350 Fifth Avenue Suite 7616
MJ Management Corp
350 Fifth Avenue #5719
I Vision International
14 East 44th Street 3rd Floor
ITG, Inc
1270 Sixth Avenue Suite 1900
Cavalier Technical Services
580 Eighth Avenue 4th Floor
TGI Office Automation
1450 Broadway
Leico Industries, Inc.
250 West 57th Street 16th Floor
Robert Tardio Photography Ltd.
118 East 25th Street 6th Floor
Cordelay - Youth Pulse
143 West 29th Street 7th Floor
25 East 21st Street 2nd Floor
25 East 21st Street 2nd Floor
Luthier Music Corp
49 West 24th Street
National Flag & Display Co., Inc.
30 East 21st Street, 2nd Floor
Spandex World
253 West 35th Street
Madison Management
3 East 54th Street, 6th Floor
Sovereign Capital LLC
126 East 56th Street
Mann Realty Associates
1776 Broadway 23rd
Castle Lanterra Equity LLC
9 East 45th Street 9th Floor
Discovery Copy Services
45 West 45th Street Suite #206
Community College Week
350 Fifth Avenue 1215
ACFEA Tour Consultants
Seattle Washington
Skylink Travel
15 West 36th Street
Dasan Inc.
54 West 39th Street 8th Floor
Cordelay 143, LLC, Youth Pulse, Inc.
143 West 29th Street 7th Floor
Cordelay - Youth Pulse
143 West 29th Street 7th Floor
25 East 21st Street 2nd Floor
25 East 21st Street 2nd Floor
AmeriLink International Corp
820 Second Avenue, Unit 7B