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Commercial Condo

Purchasing a commercial condominium is an intelligent decision and a great way to protect your business’ long term interests. Paying rent certainly has its benefits, but in essence it’s like watching money fly out the window every month. Owning a commercial condo is both a portfolio-building investment and protection against excessive rent increases. Ownership of commercial condos also provides important tax advantages, further benefiting your company’s bottom line.

As real estate values continue to rise, Manhattan condos are particularly good investments. Many businesses, from small startups to large established companies are taking advantage of the powerful commercial condominium market and buying in. Of course, Manhattan condos fetch very high prices, but rabid demand ensures they will appreciate in value over time, increasing your company’s equity.

Commercial condominiums form just a small part of the Manhattan condo market, but they are becoming much more prevalent and are expected to see a further rise in popularity.

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