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New York Lease Renewals & Consulting

Lease renewals for office space can be tricky.
Moving offices would be a pain, but you still want a good deal on your renewal.
Here's how to renegotiate your lease.


If your lease is coming up and your not sure what options are available to you - the choices are stay at the same location, or move?

To have a complete insight which will affect your decision making process, you should consider retaining the services of a tenant Broker who specializes in commercial properties who can advise you on:

• The current rents and how they compare with your current situation

• The cost and taxes associated with operating building expenses (Your building vs Others in New York)

• What consessions are landlords offering?

• The costs associated with company and staffing

• What location best appeals to your staff and company image?

• Does your business have to be located somewhere specific? (Near Hotels, Train Stations, Etc)

• Where do your employees live?

Usually at the time of renewal the landlord has retained the professional services of a property manager / leasing agent which will provide advise on current market conditions, and to negotiate the highest possible rent for the building owner on your renewal. As a tenant, you are entitled to your own representation and should utilize the services of a "Tenant Broker" to advise you at no cost to you.

Why not make use of the services provided by a Broker who specializes in New York commercial real estate to analyze the market and advise you? Prime Manhattan Realty focuses on commercial property offering this level of service and professionalism at no additional cost to you!

We deal with property in all commercial sectors.

Our client base is diverse and covers a wide range of private and public companies, developers and major corporations, as well as financial institutions and funds. We will utilize our market knowledge, and negotiating experience to pressure your landlord into offering the lowest possible renewal package.

Let Prime Manhattan Realty level the playing field for your company.