Lease Definitions & Terms


Wall base

A defined material applied to the base of walls for general protection and finish. Although it can be provided in various materials, the primary material is vinyl or rubber. The base is available in various heights and colors. It is also available as a straight or flat base, for carpeted areas, or a cove base, which is normally used for tile floors as a maintenance and finish advantage.


The intentional relinquishment or abandonment of a specific claim, privilege, or right.

Work Letter

An amount of money that a landlord agrees to spend on the construction of the interior of a space per the lease, usually negotiated.

Wet columns

Columns where provisions are made to have a plumbing fixture for drinking fountains, sink, etc.; the pipes are taken through the small enclosure (chase) against the column.

Working drawings

Detailed floor-space plans that diagram all improvements to be made. They are designed as instructions to the various contractors involved.